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Fabricated steel structure housing a containment system Exterior Wall Systems

Fabricated steel structure housing system has good adaptability, it can be combined with the functional requirements of the building, grade orientation, facades and other factors considered to select a different façade solutions, including: glass curtain Walls, stone curtain wall, aluminum curtain walls, as well as fiber cement board lightweight composite wall grouting system.

Fiber cement board lightweight composite wall grouting
Fiber cement board is the use of wall grout lightweight metal frame attached to the upper and lower floors and columns to form a continuous and stable light steel skeleton, internal and external sides, respectively, with medium-density and high-density fiber cement board, and cloth line the cavity between the keel and the board formed last hole pumped into light, heat lightweight aggregate concrete to form an integrated, solid and non-load-bearing lightweight composite wall insulation system.
Green light high-strength Green Low-carbon energy Fire protection Insulation
Moisture prevention Light weight Strong anti-impact Hanging Pipeline laying easy
Industrial waste
resource utilization
Seismic prevention Stability Anti-aging
Fiber cement board, based on wood pulp fibers, Portland cement, fine quartz sand, additives, water and other substances, the computer precise ingredients, beater molding, high temperature and pressure autoclave curing hydrothermal environment and stable crystalline form of high-tech, new wall materials.
External walls of high-density fiber cement board is the result of tons of press real pressure, high strength, low shrinkage swelling, flat and smooth surface, weather (freeze-thaw resistance, according to the anti-Japanese, anti-rain, durable, anti-leakage etc.) excellent performance. Therefore, the system with green, lightweight, high strength, thermal insulation, water proof, fire-resistant, anti-aging, impact resistance, wind pressure, the overall good, smooth surface, plane deformation and other outstanding features, and achieve pre-fabrication construction .
Lightweight Aggregate Concrete is a made of ordinary portland cement, sand (fly ash), lightweight aggregate insulation granules, additives and water and other materials made by mixing lightweight aggregate concrete, by pumping of fiber cement poured into the cavity between the plate and the keel to form a monolithic, solid non-load-bearing lightweight composite wall.
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