Xinjiang Urumqi New Train Station
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Name: Xinjiang Urumqi New Train Station

Detail:Urumqi New Train Station has 2 floors on ground, and 1 floor underground , the first floor height is 9.75 meters, the second floor height is 25 meters, these 2 floors will used for station, waiting area , office, commercial housing, the under floor which is used for the outbound layer, its height is 10.8 meters. The width of station along the rail is 258 meters, column grid distance is 22 meters, vertical to rails is 301.0 meters wide, column grid distance is 21 meters or 24 meters; The entrance hall and elevated waiting hall space is high open, modern and concise. Stand housing covered by large-span steel arch roof, roof peak level is 41 meters. The platform canopy covers both sides of rail. The total construction area of station is 100000 square meters. The platform canopy structure without column covers an area of 58224 square meters, the station building roof projection area is 61553 square meters.  

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