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Hangzhou Fasite Inspecting & Measuring Co., Ltd. was registered at the Industrial and Commercial Administrative Bureau of Xiaoshan, Hangzhou. Our company specializes in physical and chemical properties test for metal and UT for weld. Our clients are mainly from steel structure manufacturing company.

Our company owns one mechanical property test laboratory, one chemical composition analyzing laboratory and one NDT laboratory. These apparatus enable us to do the assigned test for our clients. There are 13 people working in our company. Among them, one has gotten the senior engineer certificate, two have gotten the junior engineer certificate and four have gotten the primary engineer certificate.

Our laboratories were equipped with a multi-functional computer-controlled hydraulic test machine( type: WEW-1000B), a hardness apparatus(type: HR-150A), an impact test machine(type: JB-300), a digital tensile apparatus(type: YJZ-500A), a power-driven spanner(type: YJ-A24), an impact sample producing machine(type: CLS-A), a digital ultrasonic test apparatus(type: PXUT-280), an analog ultrasonic test apparatus(type: GTS-22), two carbon & sulfur analyzing apparatus(type: KHD-400,one piece; type: CS-280,one piece), a Si, Mn & P analyzing apparatus(type: GBS-307X), a light measuring apparatus(type: 721), a power oven(type: DGG-9070BD) and a light assistant analyzing balance(type: TG328A),IT VALUES RMB 300,000 amount.

Hangzhou Fasite Inspecting & Measuring Co., Ltd willl according to exact inspecting result, nicer business credit standing and betimes service with deploitation,innovation, consecratory working attitude for all of customers.

Address : jiangdong road 3, jiangdong development area,xiaoshang District,Hangzhou city

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Contact person: ZHANG YUN HU

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